Who to Contact?

​If you are interested in contacting Sigma Nu about rush events, please contact one of the following officers:

Recruitment:  Chris Greene   (903) 235-0681  brothergreene177@gmail.com

Co-Recruitment:   Tim Halcomb 
 (214) 718-2717

Fall 2015 Rush Schedule:

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Sigma Nu is an experience that will change you and make you a better and stronger man. Being a Sigma Nu is also knowing that no matter where you go you will always meet other Sigma Nu's who share your bond, whether it be in a chapter house in another state or in an airport waiting for your next flight. The Sigma Nu bond is one that can help you out in the work force as well as aid in getting that job you have always wanted through networking with other Sigma Nu members. You can not get this from sitting in a dorm room or joining an average club on campus. Clubs come and go, but fraternities survive the test of time.
Sigma Nu is not for everyone. However, for those of you who want to join a fraternity which will allow you to reach your full college potential academically and socially, and get the most of your last 4 years before 9-5 workdays, we invite you to use rush to expose yourself to this strong brotherhood. Come hang out with the amazing guys of Sigma Nu and experience the many facets that we have to offer.
​The Mu Upsilon chapter of Sigma Nu has conveyed a legacy of excellence rooted in unbreakable bonds of brotherhood. Not only are we all close friends during our time at SFA, but our ties extend and strengthen beyond graduation.
Twenty years from now, you are not going to remember your 8:00 a.m. calculus class, working out at the REC or stressing over mid-terms. What you will remember are the bonds of friendship that you created and the great times you had at Stephen F. Austin State University.
Friday, August 28th: Move in on campus 

Saturday August 29th: Grill out/Meet and Greet at Grove Pool Area

Sigma Nu is a non-hazing Fraternity. Sigma Nu is about Brotherly Love that lasts a lifetime. It is a family you have on campus even when you are miles away from home. Sigma Nu is about brotherhood, social events and being recognized on campus as being a part of one of the top fraternities SFA has to offer. Sigma Nu is everlasting friendships that will have you connected with the brothers you make for life.